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Building A Stronger Mining Industry In Quebec


Schefferville Mines Inc. (SMI) is an iron ore development and exploration company with projects situated within the Québec portion of the prolific Labrador Trough, Canada’s foremost iron ore producing region.

SMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd. (LIM). LIM is a leader in the reactivation of the iron ore industry in the Schefferville/Menihek region of Canada’s Labrador Trough. LIM commenced initial production at its James Mine in June 2011 and through to the end of its third operating year, the Company has sold 3.6 million tonnes in 23 shipments of iron ore into the Chinese spot market.

SMI’s projects form half of LIM’s portfolio of 20 direct shipping iron ore (DSO) deposits located in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Québec. SMI holds 447 mining claims in Québec, covering over 14,000 hectares, centred around the town of Schefferville.